About Jess

I’m pretty ordinary–and that in itself makes me unique. I’m a 20-something daughter, mom, wife, young woman, and child. I write about the things I know (and a few I don’t). I love to read blogs as much as I like writing them.

I became a mom on February 13, 2011. Every day since that screaming and hungry bundle of joy was put into my arms I have thought at least once “Karrigan do this…” or “Oh Karrigan I wish I could tell you that…”.

Knowing that when it comes to parental advice 80% of what I suggest will be ignored, 5% will be ignored until she graduates college or has kids of her own, 10% will be treated as if it was ignored but actually followed (Thank God for that 10%), and if I am REALLY lucky 5% will be appreciated and used daily–I have decided to start giving her one good (in my opinion) piece of recorded advice daily–or there about. As the # of kiddos grows perhaps my advice will too.



6 thoughts on “About Jess

  1. Hi Jess! Because I like the flow of your words and the advice the convey, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Enjoy!

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