#59 Use People’s Criticism to Build You Up–Not Break You Down

Every where you go there will be people who judge you or critique you. It is simply a fact of life. Some of the people will do it as part of their own job, like your boss for example. They are paid to train, coach, and evaluate you at work. As your parent I’m sure there will be times (whether you like it or not) that I may have a critique or two for you as well. There will also be people who give unwelcome and uncalled for critiques of the things you do. Perhaps it will be a peer, someone you idolize, or even a complete stranger.

I’m giving you a heads up now..so that when the comments or criticism come your way you will be prepared to handle it. It is never fun to have your weaknesses pointed out. However, you can use the words of those who point them out to you as a way to improve yourself.

The first thing you have to do is consider whether what the person is telling you really IS an area you need to work on. When your boss or someone who cares about you points out an area of weakness–they are most likely doing it to give you a chance to improve in a positive way. If we were never told our weaknesses by caring or important people we would have an awful hard time improving upon ourselves. A bully or a peer might have criticism on the way you dress or do your hair–and that is where you need to either be prepared to stand by your personal choices or go seek advice from a more trustworthy source!

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that when negative words come your way you don’t let them lower your self worth. Use them as a chance to evaluate a decision or your actions and then adjust accordingly. Realize that nobody is perfect and that your weaknesses make you human. The best thing you can do is admit you have areas that you need to work on and then take small steps to get better every day.

People will take lots of opportunities to remind you that you aren’t a perfect person–but I wouldn’t have you any other way.