#36 Dress In Layers

I’ve heard the saying “You know you live in Iowa if you use your home’s heater and air conditioner in the same day”. That statement couldn’t be more true. With that being said, dress in layers. Every building in Iowa (and most of the world in my opinion) is a different temperature. It is hard to concentrate on work or enjoy a date if your teeth are chattering from the cold. It is also quite unenjoyable to sit with your arms pinned at your sides for most of the day because even though you put on plenty of deoderant you are so warm that you have swampy pits the size of Texas.

General rules of thumb regarding temperature:

– Movie Theater – Cold..I think they do this on purpose.

– Restaurant (minus Hibachi) — Cold to guests but HOT to the servers who are running around in a million directions. I know this because I was one once and whenever guests would complain of the cold I would try not to look at them like they were crazy.

– Car in Winter — Cold..Even with remote start these things are chilly.

– Grocery Store –Cold..The frozen food aisle often feels it is necessary to refrigerate the entire store.

– Concerts — Hot once everyone arrives

– State Fair – Forget layers everyone is sweating like pigs which actually don’t sweat. You figure it out.

– Car in Summer = Sauna

– School Buildings — Changes every 5 minutes–seriously wear layers.

When layering your clothes think of where you will be. MOST of the time a hoooded sweatshirt over a t-shirt or a light jacket will fit the bill. However if you are somewhere fancy please make sure you are wearing a nice sweater or a wrap. When I do manage to substitute teach I always wear a nice jacket, a pretty long sleeved item, and then either stow away in purse a short sleeved shirt or manage to layer that on too.

When you are older and start snowboarding you will see the ultimate challenge in layering. Currently I go for long sleeved thermal shirt, t-shirt over that, sweatshirt/hoodie over that, followed by coat. Many time I end up all the way down to the thermal/t-shirt combo before it is all said and done.

Be prepared for changing temperatures. Leave a back up coat/jacket in your car. Learn to layer so you don’t fall victim to uncontrolled human thermostat.

ONE last note. Sometimes it is also a good idea to wear layers on your heart. In everything you do you should use your heart and not be afraid to show it. That doesn’t mean however that you need to let everyone you meet close enough to you to crush you. Use your heart, express it, but also protect it. I know that is kind of an abstract thought and maybe some time I will go into more detail but for now I’ll let you interpret it on your own.

(I apologize for my absence sweet daughter, I have been thinking of you every day as you know since I am with you each one–life has just been busy)

#34 Chase Those Dreams

This advice is so…cliche. “Chase your dreams..” “Follow your heart..” ETC ETC ETC. However, I mean it. Run at your dreams head on and when you come to a wall in the way smash through it. If you don’t smash through it at least land on your back side (if you are at all like your  mom it has plenty of cushion) and bounce back up.

I battle with this piece of advice because sometimes I feel like I have let things get between me and my dreams. Usually it is a lack of confidence that gets in my way and then I logic myself out of taking the risk that is naturally involved with any dream chasing. However, before I sell myself short on this, I must say I reached my dreams of traveling abroad, going to college, finding the love of my life, and becoming a mom. However, part of me still feels hypocritical in this advice until I reach one major personal goal which involves my career. Thankfully I’m taking steps towards that goal and while I can’t go into a lot of details now, it has left me realizing how much I want you to achieve your dreams.

Dreams are bigger than goals. Dreams are the things you do because they make your heart and soul happy. Fulfilling dreams can give you elation beyond words.

You can have different dreams throughout your life. When I was younger my dream was simply to raise my very own puppy–which I did! Now it’s bigger things. I hope that you will share your dreams and aspirations with me as you grow. I hope you know that while I will support you in them, I cannot obtain them for you. You have to have the will and determination to reach your goals.

I promise that I will chase my dreams as long as I live, as long as you vow to do the same. This was me the day your father and I got engaged however I had no idea what was coming! I’m working hard right now to chase some dreams baby girl that involve kids laughing, hard work, and thundering hooves. I’m lucky to have support from your dad and a smile from you every step of the way!

We Take a Break From Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

I recently made the jump over to word press. I haven’t been as busy as I would like on here due to being busy away from the computer. However I am honored to say that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by M is For Marriage and Motherhood.

As part of this nomination I have been asked to share 7 things about myself. Here they are in no particular order!

1. Aside from my daughter I have three furry “children”. One Husky named Texas, One Husky/Britney Mix named Ellie, and One Beagle  named Ranger. 

2. I have a passion for horses, photography, snowboarding, and summer camp!

3. I love snowboarding but I HATE being cold.

4. Switzerland is by far my favorite country followed closely by Germany.

5. I have never overcome my obsession with the color purple.

6. I almost failed industrial tech in middle school because even when using a t-square and straight edge I STILL cannot draw a straight line.

7. I like to give speeches.

The other aspect of this award is nominating 15 blogs for the award! I would start with the one who nominated me but..that kind of feels repetitive. Regardless, you should check her out!

Here are 15 other GREAT blogs to check out!

1. Play At Home Mom – Amazing. Inspiring. Makes Me Want To Be a Better Mother.

2. Organic Families – Another parenting website that I am in LOVE with. She has great behavior modification ideas and overall great ideas for anyone with a house full of kiddos.

3. Spatoola – This blog is run by someone I have known and looked up to for a long time. She is a great person, great writer, and has some great ideas and recipes!!

4. MJ Monaghan – OK OK he has already been nominated — however I can’t help myself because I love his blog.

5. Eat and Be Happy – A blog full of yummy, inspiring, recipe perfection.

6. Ironic Mom – Are you a Mom? Are you Not a Mom? Are you a Human? Need to Laugh? Make a stop by this blog…

7. Mixed, American – A fresh perspective on Diversity and Life

8. My Wife Doesn’t Think I’m Funny – His wife might not think he is funny–but I bet you will..maybe.

9. Central Jersey Working Moms – Because Working Moms need to REPRESENT! 🙂

10. Fibromy-Awesome – This girl is inspirational. She has life anything but easy and yet manages to write in a way that makes you laugh and can also open your eyes.

11. Gourmet Veggie Mama – With these awesome food blogs I will never starve and my taste buds will always have reason to party!

12. Talinorfali– What blogging should be like!

13. Life Takes Over – Because I can relate!

14. Diapers Full Of Blarney – A friend, an intelligent and loving mother, a good blogger.

15. 1,000 Awesome Things – MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BLOG! A short sweet pick me up every day!

There you have it folks! The best of the best in my world at the moment.