#38 Make Dessert A Priority–Sometimes

There is no hiding from it–obesity is a problem in America. That means you need to watch what you eat. I’m not saying you need to count every calorie, you are a kid for heaven’s sake. It does mean that you should eat big helpings of veggies and mix in those fruits you love so much too. It means you should run outside to play instead of run to the game console (although people are working on solving that little problem too).

That being said, sometimes it is COMPLETELY OK to put dessert first. The secret to life is moderation. It is knowing when to hold back and when to go ahead and indulge! Sometimes it is important to treat your physical body and other times its a great idea to serve your soul with a little bit of dessert.

Mostly this post is just a great excuse to post this picture of you learning about the joys of dessert…(we will be back to the “serious” stuff soon)…

OH and I can’t believe that the cute little sleeping baby at the top is the same one as the big girl below!


#35 Always Celebrate Your Birthday!

(You will notice that YES we went from #36 to #35..because your mother can’t count)

In 6 short days you will be one year old! This weekend is your birthday party and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Don’t be afraid of aging. It seems the older I get the more people shy away from their birthday as if it is something bad, something they can ignore and make go away. In my opinion the fact that I was blessed enough to make it through another year alive is DEFINITELY something to celebrate at any age. I’m not saying that you have to have a huge blowout bash every year, but at least let people wish you a Happy Birthday without acting like they mentioned an assassination attempt.

If you are celebrating your birthday it means you have taken approximately 10,541,200 breaths, you have likely had somewhere in the range of 42,075,904 heart beats, and also may have eaten somewhere around 33 pounds of bananas–which by the way you currently love. When you wake up on your birthday please smile. Please know that I will always be glad to celebrate it with you. Don’t look upon another year with a frown because that is the fastest way to age UNgracefully. I am so glad to be sharing this life with you and to be watching you grow and no matter how old you get your birthday will always be a monumental day for me.

Here is daddy doing a practice run of your Birthday cake! Can’t wait to see it on the big day!