#62 Go Ahead, Wear White After Labor Day

First things first–summer is drawing to a close which means that I have free time (kind of) again and can update my blogs! Yippee.

Now on to my always so serious (yeah right) advice..and I apologize because today’s is a bit of a rant!

All modesty thrown aside, you look amazing in white. Something to do with your skin tone and that splash of curly red hair makes white look stunning on you. Therefore I give you express permission to wear it well beyond Labor Day. I’m guessing you have already figured out that there is something deeper going on here and as a matter of fact there is. What I want you to know is that sometimes (emphasis on sometimes) it is more than OK to break the “rules”. Life has a lot of rules, both as a child and as an adult. Some of the rules are there to keep you safe. Some are there to help you succeed. Others, much like the “no white after Labor Day” rule can be tossed out a window.

At the end of the day you get to decide what guidelines you will live your life by. Pay attention to whose rules of life you are following. Are they God’s rules? The Laws? Your Parents? Some clothing magazine? Your Friends? Keep an idea of what rules you abide by, and live by those that truly have your best interest at heart. Know the rules, evaluate the rules, and sure (some day I will rue the day I wrote this post) go ahead and test them a little–it may be the only way you ever find out why they exist.Image

You really can rock the white clothing!!