#37 Give The National Anthem Some Respect

I don’t agree with or understand everything our government or nation does. However, I respect my country for a lot of reasons. If I wanted to, I could write an entire post about why I hate or love any number of things–and the government wouldn’t make me take it down. I can dye my hair purple, I can wear basically whatever I want, I don’t live every day in fear of militia running into my home and ordering my family and I to do something harmful to our well being. Americans have it cushy. Do we have problems–LOTS of them, but when I think of life in some other nations I know we have it good.

This summer our family was at the State Fair and every morning the National Anthem is played. The majority of people stopped and at least looked in the general direction of the nearest flag for the next 3-4 minutes. Gentleman removed their hats, and hands went over hearts. There was a group of people who continued talking, laughing, and generally being disruptive. My heart sank a bit.

Darling, I’m not saying that you have to agree with our government or that you have to love EVERY aspect of the United States–Lord knows I don’t. I AM asking that when you are somewhere and the anthem is played–give respect for just a few minutes to the country that has provided us a home. Theh country where you will most likely go to school and where you have a right to vote for things. If nothing else, do it out of respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day defending this country.

Let it sink in–you live in a land of many freedoms, a land with beautiful mountains and valleys, a land filled with brave people, and sometimes crazy ideas–you live in a America. Even if you don’t love it, please respect it.