#45 Give Up Hopes Of Wearing These Prom Dresses

Yesterday I had the joy of going bridesmaid dress shopping for a close friend’s wedding. While in the bridal store your Aunt Kiara and I also had a moment to skim through a few prom dress catalogs. I couldn’t’ help but stand in shock at some of the things these designers were calling dresses. I also couldn’t help saying that if you demanded such attire there would be absolutely no prom for you.

Here are a few examples of dresses you will not be wearing–even if others are.

Has anyone informed the parents of these girls that they are paying hundreds of dollars for a dress with large chunks of fabric that have apparently gone missing? Just say no.

Again–No. You will be wearing a dress not a skin tight body suit to your prom. You can’t dance in that and I can only think of a few things this dress can do…and I don’t like any of them.

Look Honey..the painful fact is that you are never going to wear this lingerie   these prom dresses anywhere while you are in high school in this house. The GOOD news is that for every dress I have found here that gives you a taste for what you won’t be wearing—there are at least 2 beautiful, tasteful, and fun dresses that I would love to see you enjoy your prom night in some day. Please understand that dresses that leave nothing to the imagination are not your only ticket to beauty and beyond. Be elegant, tasteful, and beautiful–and don’t even think about wearing these dresses.

All images are from PromDressShop.com. For every dress I didn’t like they also had many beautiful elegant options.