#19 Learn How To Walk In Heels

After that last statement some feminist out there probably hates me. Oh well.

Should you wear heels all the time or even every day? I wouldn’t recommend it but to each their own. On the other hand I feel like every girl should at least know HOW to walk in them, which does require putting them on from time to time.

Why heels? Well for a number of reasons…

1. They make you taller. Trust me at some point in life even if only once–it will be nice to be just an inch or two taller.
2. They can dress up any outfit –well almost any.
3. Wearing heels (especially while doing something that only men think they can do) is kind of like saying everything you can do, I can do better..while looking good.

All kidding aside, it is just a good skill to have. You never know when you might want to make a business suit a bit more feminine, when you will find the perfect dress only to find that the perfect shoes are pointed and tall, or that you just want to work on your balance.

You will rarely see your mother in heels, but I assure you that yes even she — the girl in constant denim and old sneakers– can walk in them.

Okay you don’t have to start learning this today…