#70 Be Present-Be There

At my work lately we have been talking about “being there”, or as some would put it, being present. Daughter, I challenge you to  be consistently present in the moment. In right now. I know that you are young and the future stretches out before you like a rolling green field just waiting for you to run through it. It’s a bright future. One that I want you to get to enjoy–but there isn’t nearly enough that can be said about the power to be happy, present, aware, and appreciative of the exact moment you are in.

I am telling you this because it is something that I personally have always struggled with. As your mother I tend to get caught up in what will be happening tomorrow, next week, next month, and so on. I often get so focused on the things that are coming up I don’t get to enjoy what I have right now. Then the moment is gone.

Thankfully, you and all your toddler awesomeness has begun to help me stay in the moment. At two years old you are so observant of everything. You don’t even have the real ability to worry about the future, only the ability to live for right now. It’s beautiful. It’s eye opening. It is a trait I want you to carry with you as you grow. There will be times where you must plan and think ahead but I want you to guard that section of your heart and mind that has the ability to take the current moment and live in it, to be present and making the best out of the very minute you have. Enjoy now, trust God with the rest.


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I'm pretty ordinary--and that in itself makes me unique. I'm a 20-something daughter, mom, wife, young woman, and child. I write about the things I know (and a few I don't). I love to read blogs as much as I like writing them. I became a mom on February 13, 2011. Every day since that screaming and hungry bundle of joy was put into my arms I have thought at least once "Karrigan do this..." or "Oh Karrigan I wish I could tell you that...". Knowing that when it comes to parental advice 80% of what I suggest will be ignored, 5% will be ignored until she graduates college or has kids of her own, 10% will be treated as if it was ignored but actually followed (Thank God for that 10%), and if I am REALLY lucky 5% will be appreciated and used daily--I have decided to start giving her one good (in my opinion) piece of recorded advice daily--or there about. As the # of kiddos grows perhaps my advice will too.
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3 Responses to #70 Be Present-Be There

  1. such a sweet post, with such a lovely message, and also the cutest picture ever! xxx

  2. Nancy says:

    We should all take this advice to heart. I particular love your last line: “Enjoy now, trust God with the rest.”

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