#68 Know That It Is Okay To Say “No!”

In three days you will be two, but if you ask me — you have been two for a while now. Part of being a two year old is exerting your independence, and right now you really love to do that by professing just exactly what it is you won’t do. The word NO is common from you and while at times I have to bite my tongue to keep my thoughts on your independent mind in check – I hope you always know that sometimes it is okay to say No.

It is okay to say no when you’re tummy is full and you don’t want to eat anymore.

It is okay to say no to the dog who won’t stop licking your face.

It is okay to say no when tempted to make fun of the outcast in class.

It is okay to say no when you are sad or mad and someone asks if you feel alright.

It is okay to say no when you feel pressured by friends to dress in a way that doesn’t suit your style.

It is okay to say no to alcohol, cigarettes, or other physical and mind altering substances that are offered to you by people posing as your friends, coworkers, or role models.

It is okay to say no to a social invitation if you don’t feel comfortable with the location, you need some alone time, or you have a test to study for.

It is okay to say no to joining a new club, being in the school play, or joining a sports team when you feel your schedule is already full enough.

It is okay to say no to boys, girls, or any adults who ask to see or touch parts of your body that makes you feel queazy, insecure, or unsafe.

In a world where people have so much pressure to say yes to all of the above things and more. I just want you to always remember that sometimes it is okay to say no.

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About mooremom523

I'm pretty ordinary--and that in itself makes me unique. I'm a 20-something daughter, mom, wife, young woman, and child. I write about the things I know (and a few I don't). I love to read blogs as much as I like writing them. I became a mom on February 13, 2011. Every day since that screaming and hungry bundle of joy was put into my arms I have thought at least once "Karrigan do this..." or "Oh Karrigan I wish I could tell you that...". Knowing that when it comes to parental advice 80% of what I suggest will be ignored, 5% will be ignored until she graduates college or has kids of her own, 10% will be treated as if it was ignored but actually followed (Thank God for that 10%), and if I am REALLY lucky 5% will be appreciated and used daily--I have decided to start giving her one good (in my opinion) piece of recorded advice daily--or there about. As the # of kiddos grows perhaps my advice will too.
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5 Responses to #68 Know That It Is Okay To Say “No!”

  1. Elizabeth Ackermann says:

    This is a really good one!

  2. Seasonsgirl says:

    Great post.. I love your header photo very pretty :)

  3. Dana Sitar says:

    Love this! Many moms to pass it on to :)

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