#66 On a day-to-day basis..keep the makeup simple!

Though I don’t even come close to wearing it every day — I love makeup. I think it is fun to apply and play with. As you grow I’m sure you will discover it to some extent as well.  My number one advice to you is that no matter how much makeup you have on, keep it simple. I understand that there are times where you might get a bit “edgier” — with purpose — but looking like this:

Photo from fork.com

Is rarely conducive to one’s professional development or every day life in general. You are young and you are beautiful. Use your make up to accent the features you have that you already love. Never use it as a way to cover up the beauty God gave you naturally. You won’t be wearing makeup for quite some time but when you do, make sure to take a moment to look in the mirror. Make sure that under that layer of lipstick or eye shadow that you still see YOU. If you ever come to me looking like a clown instead of my beautiful and fresh faced kid/young lady — I will be the first to let you know! Leave the clowns at the circus.


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I'm pretty ordinary--and that in itself makes me unique. I'm a 20-something daughter, mom, wife, young woman, and child. I write about the things I know (and a few I don't). I love to read blogs as much as I like writing them. I became a mom on February 13, 2011. Every day since that screaming and hungry bundle of joy was put into my arms I have thought at least once "Karrigan do this..." or "Oh Karrigan I wish I could tell you that...". Knowing that when it comes to parental advice 80% of what I suggest will be ignored, 5% will be ignored until she graduates college or has kids of her own, 10% will be treated as if it was ignored but actually followed (Thank God for that 10%), and if I am REALLY lucky 5% will be appreciated and used daily--I have decided to start giving her one good (in my opinion) piece of recorded advice daily--or there about. As the # of kiddos grows perhaps my advice will too.
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One Response to #66 On a day-to-day basis..keep the makeup simple!

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    Solid advice. I’m not talented with makeup, so I keep it simple, too. On the rare occasion I try to get creative with the liner, I inevitably wind up looking like that picture :)

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