#54 Do Things You Aren’t Good At

I want you to find things that you enjoy and are good at–and I want you to have a blast doing them. With that said, I also hope that you will challenge yourself to reach new heights, to not be afraid to challenge yourself, to not fear the fact that you may very well fail at something. It’s okay.

Those things that we aren’t good at–have a lot to teach us. They teach us about humility, they help us to expand our skills and knowledge, they help us become better than we were the day before.

This is coming from someone who hates being bad at things. I don’t have to be the best–but I want to at least be proficient at everything I do. It took me a long time to accept that sometimes that would mean having to work for it. I’m a horrible cook–but I’ve been working on it and while I’ll never be on “Top Chef” I can at least provide for my family now. It wasn’t always like that, and I still do things like burn rice, mix ingredients wrong, and make several other entertaining mistakes..but I’m getting better!

Young daughter, don’t fear the edge of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself, push yourself, allow others to teach you, and don’t be afraid of not being “good enough” because for every thing you will struggle with you will find something else you rock at.



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