#28 Know You Always Have A Home With Me

After you take advice #27 please know that you can always, always, always return home. Home might not always be the same physical place, and should we ever move out of our current tiny abode it might be awkward for the next owners if you showed up requesting to sleep in your old nursery. I believe though that home is anywhere filled with the love of those you consider family. No matter where life takes either of us, you will be able to call wherever I am home. You are always welcome by my side.

It doesn’t matter the circumstances under which you left home–good, bad, or somewhere in between. I can tell you RIGHT now that we won’t always get along, I won’t always like your choices or attitude, my rules may infuriate you, I WILL embarrass you more than once..but I will always love you and as a mother want to care for you.

Do I want you to grow up, spread your own wings, and create your own nest? You Bet! Especially since by that time your dad and I will hopefully be thinking of our own kid free adventures. I just want you to always live in the security that no matter how far you go, how bumpy the road, how high you climb, you can always return to me to find open arms and a place to call home.



8 thoughts on “#28 Know You Always Have A Home With Me

  1. I really like this a lot. Our youngest just moved out – spreading his wings – a couple of weeks ago. Momma was pretty sad to see her “little boy” go. Your writing is succinct, yet very profound.

  2. What a beautiful concept for a blog — notes to your daughter. I love it. I write a letter to each of my children on their birthdays, and I’m saving them in their baby books. I think the things we say to our kids now, when they’re young, will be so heartening to read as they grow. All the hopes, the dreams… having them recorded like you’re doing is a gift.

    1. Yes some day I hope she appreciates it..in the mean time it just feels good to get it off my chest where I can remember it for later. I’m sure words will fail me a few times in her teen years.

  3. Can I just say how much I love your blog? I love the whole idea behind this blog and that your little girl will always have this collection of very sound advice to guide her through life and remind her how loved she is every day.

    Also, you’re both just gorgeous (and that little shirt of hers is too adorable!)!

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