#26 Learn A Lesson From Santa

I have no intention of you reading this before your innocence regarding the magic that is Christmas morning has dwindled some. However I truly hope you believe in Santa Claus way beyond your childhood. Santa has something to teach us.

Santa gives without any regard to what he will receive in return. He does it because he is a happy merry man who wants to reward goodness and happens to have a surplus of elves to do his work. When you give to others please do it as Santa does. Give with a merry heart, give without concern for what someone will hand you in return, give your best. I truly believe that if you give to others in this fashion you will be given something in return. In the case of Santa everyone gives back by telling their children about him, by not minding his intrusion through their chimneys and reindeer poop on the lawn. People smile at Santa, they want to leave him cookies and treats, they want their photo with him…because who wouldn’t love someone who when he gives to others (even if it is just one day of the year) does do without any thought of himself and only thoughts of the needs to those he gives.

Give lovingly, give thoughtfully, give with a merry heart. The return will take care of itself.

Oh and as a side note: We took you to meet Santa Claus today and you weren’t a huge fan of the man in red yet. You weren’t screaming for the picture but your lip was definitely quivering!


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