#25 Remember What Counts

It is very easy to get wrapped up in material things. Trust me — I love coats and tennis shoes–they make me happy, they bring me a level of joy, but in the end that joy never compares to the happiness I get from things not easily seen.

Learn to take joy in friendship. My shoes will get holes in them and I will have to get a new pair. A good friend, I never have to replace so long as I take care in my relationship.

Learn to love kind words. It is EASY to be critical and rude–much harder to be kind. Appreciate the kind words others give to you and use kind words with others. The smile that spreads across someone’s face can keep you warmer than the heaviest of coats.

Find comfort in hugs, excitement in the count down to your last days of school, happy anticipation of reading your favorite bed time story. Live every day knowing that you have tons of people who love you. Place your glory in heaven and not on earth.

Yes, darling I want you to enjoy your favorite pair of jeans or your latest amazing toy. I just always want you to remember that things of value often can not be touched–only felt with the heart.


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