#24 Try New Foods

As a baby you are starting to eat so many different things. Yesterday I gave you black beans. I don’t like them but you tried them fearlessly…and loved them.

I hope you always try new foods as you continue to grow. Eating a variety of foods is good for you. Also, trying new foods is generally a safe way to let yourself live “on the wild side” for a bit. You can use food to learn about different cultures and spark conversation. The next time someone offers you escargot or a SuperDawg in Ames go ahead and taste it.. You might just find your new favorite dish.


2 thoughts on “#24 Try New Foods

  1. Amen to eating a variety of food, random things that they might love. We’ve found that ours loves brown rice, something 90% of my adult friends refuse to eat. More power to him.

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