#23 Unplug

Yes I know it is a bit ironic that I am typing this blog post to you on a computer and telling you to unplug. I’m serious though, do it. At the very minimum pick two weekends a year where you turn off all of your electronics. That is right, unplug all of your electronic “extras”. You need to realize that while these things can make life easier or more entertaining (sometimes), it still goes on without them.

Use your unplugged weekend to:
– Go for a walk–listening to nature not your music.
– Sing a song–a camp song that doesn’t require a booming base.
– Have a conversation — in person instead of over the phone.
– Send a letter — in the real mail instead of speedy un-personal electronic mail.
– Play a board game — as opposed to a video game.
– See a play — did you know that actors can perform RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU? Not just on a screen?
– Take a nap — You probably don’t get enough sleep anyways.

These are obviously just a few ideas. I just always want you to take time away from this buzzing electric world of ours and simplify, prioritize, and enjoy the things that are quickly becoming beautiful reminders of lives once lived to the maximum.


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