#22 Let Your Dad Be Protective

I know, in a few short years a protective father will be HIGH on your list of reasons you hate life and your parents, why you aren’t “cool”, why no boys will come within ten feet of you (which if you ask me is a good thing), and a million other things. I still say — LET HIM GUARD YOU.

I can tell you this RIGHT now..your father has your best interest in mind always. I can also tell you that he is a great judge of character. He wants you to be happy–he also wants you to be safe. He will want to know where you are when you are out with friends, he will give you a curfew, he won’t let you date boys who he doesn’t know and who don’t show you respect. Naturally you will think this is the worst thing ever but I promise it is not.

In case you haven’t figured it out your life is a precious gift not only to you, but also to us as parents. We want you to have friends, have fun, heck at some point in time I even want you to get married (if you want to as well). However none of that will change that you are your father’s little girl. His eyes light up when he sees you, his smile gets bigger than I have ever seen it, he cherishes you and when you are older he will want you to be with a man who does the same.

He wants you to be with someone you love (See: #4 Marry For Love) and who loves you back. That means that he might be polishing his guns when Johnny knocks at the door. Trust me, if the guy is worth your time he won’t have to even worry about what your dad is up to when he arrives. It also means he will expect boys to pick you up at the door when they come to the house–not the driveway. Also, he probably won’t let you out the door if he can see the young man’s underwear or even a segment of your midsection.

If you promise to let your dad guide and protect you as his little girl who he loves so much..I promise to support you if he gets out of hand. 😉


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