#21 Call your Grammy and your Nana

You are one lucky duck girl. You have a Grammy and a Nana who love you so very much! Do me a favor, when you are older and you think your mom is a crazy batty fool–call them. They will guide you when my advice isn’t so hot. Sometimes they will agree with me, other times they might ACTUALLY have a better idea.

Other times you need to call them:
-When you are lonely
-When they are lonely
-When you are happy
-When you do something really fun
-When you are sad or disappointed
-When you want to laugh
-When you want to make someone else laugh
-ANY TIME that you think of them–because they are most likely thinking of you too.

The awesome thing about these ladies is that they are actually MOMS too! They love you and have your best interest at heart. They get the joy of spoiling you and sending you home–so they naturally come with an extra dose of fun and exciting. They have advice that I don’t have. Love them, have fun with them, learn from them–AND DO NOT FORGET TO CALL THEM!!!


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