#20 Shake Your Groove Thing!

That’s right girl..dance! Lately you have really gotten “into” music. When the Leapfrog toy plays the ABC song you really shimmy. I just wanted to say that I hope you always are willing to dance.

People seem to think that in order to dance you have to be taught or you have to “know” how. Of course, if you want to do perfect ballet, learn a tap dance routine, or participate in So You Think You Can Dance (A TV show that will be long out of existence when you are old enough to even enjoy such a thing) you will need some classes. The good part is–you don’t need a class to shake and shimmy!

Dancing is good for you! It raises your heart rate and gets your blood flowing, it stretches your muscles and can relax your mind. You can dance to relieve stress, you can dance to make someone smile, you can dance to commemorate your wedding, you can even dance for charity through things like Dance Marathon!

Please daughter, even if it is just to make your mom giggle–always be willing to break down and dance!


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