#17 Stand for Something

Stand up for something. Believe in yourself.

They say if you don’t stand for something then you will fall for anything. I have to agree. While your father and I have our beliefs in various things (religious and not), I want you to have yours. If they are the same as ours then great, if they aren’t then we will still love you. All I ask is that you use your brain to decide what things in life you believe in and live for and then stand up for them. Don’t let other people decide these things for you. Don’t be a blind follower.

If you make a bad choice or mistake I would much rather you do it knowing it was your own choice than do it because you let someone get the better of you. Take charge of your life and your actions. Work always to know yourself, where you come from, and what it is you live and stand for–despite what anyone else may say.


One thought on “#17 Stand for Something

  1. Jess, what you have just said is so, so important. If only more parents said this to their children, the world would be a much happier, more fulfilled, more peaceful place. Love your posts – keep ’em coming!


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