#15 Say Please and Thank You

Our society seems to be lacking manners these days. Everyone expects everything — RIGHT NOW! People seem to forget that some things are privileges and we don’t always get what we want. People also forget how powerful the words Please and Thank You can be.

Saying please and thank you is more than a matter of respect. It shows that you understand someone is going out of their way (whether it be a lot or a little) to do something for you. Lets get this straight, nobody in the world owes you anything. Especially since at this point you are a crying, pooping, non-verbal animal known as a baby. Ask kindly for the things you want, and when someone does something for you make sure you say thank you.

One last thing! I don’t want you to only say thank you when someone does something big for you or gives you a gift. I want you to say please at places like the family dinner table, the store, and when you are playing with your friends. I want you to remember to thank people whether they are the President of the United States or cashier at the gas station. Who knows, perhaps your simple please or thank you could be the bright spot in somebody’s long and not-so-bright day.


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