#13 Fall off the Horse? Get Back On!

I’m sure in a few short years I will say this to you more than once and mean it literally. You see, most horses aren’t out to throw you into the dirt on purpose (though a few are) but if and when you take a topple you don’t hop back on, your horse might learn a great way to take a vacation when it so desires. Not only that, but getting back on gives you the mental boost to know that even though you stumbled you can still ride. That is the point I really want to make.

In life there are going to be stumbling blocks. You are going to have that one class you need in order to graduate that you just can’t seem to understand. You might say or do the wrong thing and land in hot water at a job. You might let down a friend or yourself. When these things, and others, knock you down you have to pick yourself up and keep going. You can’t let the fear that often joins these moments break you and hold you back from the great things you can achieve if you learn from your mistakes and move forward. When you fail a class, take it again. When you make a mistake at work take responsibility to fix it and then work harder. If you let a friend down you need to apologize and work it out.

But really, when you are on your first evil little pony and it bucks you off, show the world what you are made of. You need to get yourself up out of the dirt, brush off your jeans, look that pony straight in the eye with a smile and get back on. Teach yourself that you are in control of each situation and your reactions to them.

Fall off–figure out what went wrong–fix it–get back on.


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