#11 Go To College-Gotta say its a lecture.

I’m only going to say this once…GO TO COLLEGE.

I’m not going to tell you to go to college because it will assure you a job and make lots of money. There are tons of people who have gone to college and have neither jobs nor money. There are also people who have gone to college, gotten great jobs, lots of money, and have NO happiness. However in some career paths college DOES help so depending on what you want to do that may be a valid reason to go.

I want you to go to college because there is nothing else like it. During no other time in your life can you live in a 12×12 room with a complete stranger who may or may not become your best friend or greatest challenge. During no other time in your life do you ultimately get to decide what things you study into the wee hours of the night for–and what time you want to wake up to take the test to prove you studied (within some limitations). During college the only responsibilities you mainly have are the ones you pick. In order to succeed you will have to pick wisely and I hope you will.

College is one of the only times you can move every year if the place you lived the year before sucked, do an awesome program like Camp Adventure where you will work hard but also have someone pay for you to see the world and influence lives, take a class about gemstones or tennis just for the fun, join clubs about almost any topic you can think of,  and live off questionable food.

The best thing about college is the people you meet. People like Kaleigh Meyer who will laugh with you all the time and always keep it real and honest, Danielle Pogge who not only works hard but is crazy artistic and will draw your tattoo (save that for another post), and Matt Moore who will be the love of your life. Plus many more.

THAT is why you should go to college.

Disclaimer: College is a great time but is also one of the only times that appears to be socially acceptable for grown adults to take advantage of young adults by convincing them to go insanely into debt through credit cards, insane shopping sprees, and loans of all sorts.College is one of the only times that people seem to think it is OK to rack up student loans, credit card debt, and all sorts of financial trouble. Its not smart and not ok. Will college cost you money–yep–and we will talk about it later–just be careful.

FYI: When you move into an apartment and accidently put your TV stand together wrong it is totally legit to paint it with nail polish.


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