#9 Laugh Every Day

Laughing is good for you. It relieves stress, it works your abdominal muscles, and smiling is attractive.

You need to learn to laugh at yourself or this world is going to knock you down and keep you there. If you can’t laugh at yourself you will get really angry when you do things like run into glass windows when you don’t realize the glass is there (like your grandpa) or when you show up to work on a day you don’t need to be there (like me).

Watch a funny movie, read a funny book, laugh just because it feels good.

Perhaps you can laugh at a funny blog or website such as Don’t Even Reply or Passive Aggressive Notes . Those two always give me a chuckle.

If you have no other reason to laugh, do it because the sound of your giggle is music to my ears. As long as you find me funny I promise to make a complete goon of myself–just to hear you laugh.


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