#5 Don’t Buy a Beagle

Now before all the wonderful loving Beagle owners out there FREAK OUT (as if I have a large collection of them reading this)–I own one very cute Beagle. However I will most likely never own another one and I suggest you don’t either.

The problem with Beagles is that they are smart–and not in a good way. A Golden Retriever is smart but they also aim to please their owner. The Beagle is smart but all he wants to use his brain for is obtaining food in any way possible. Your father and I have gone through at least 5 trash cans attempting to find a Beagle proof one. He can step on pedals, press buttons, and flip lids just for a bite of some spoiled left overs. If that doesn’t work he will situate himself right in front of you and bark until you get the idea that it may be dinner time even though dinner was served five minutes ago.

While our wonderful Beagle Ranger still exists I encourage you to love, pet, and cuddle him. However when purchasing a pet for yourself, buy a stupid dog, or a smart people pleasing dog. Don’t buy a smart and self-centered dog. Mainly just don’t buy a Beagle.


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