#3 Wear Sunscreen

Please wear sunscreen–after you are 6 months old anyways 😉

My dear red-headed, fair skinned child please wear sunscreen. I know you will reach an age where you feel that you must be perfectly tan to be beautiful. Where a tanning bed or unprotected hours by the pool sounds harmless and great but trust me you can go from tanned to lobster almost instantly. Not only that, but the more damage the sun does to your skin the faster it ages. You might be tan now but before your time you might be an old leather back.
I look at you and see some young fresh beautiful skin. Read on it–if you want to keep it you need to slather on protection. I’m not saying avoid the sun, or freak out when you do eventually get a burn. I’m just asking you not to invite the sun to ruin that beautiful outter layer that I think people forget we need to survive!
If you laugh and think your skin will be fine then please watch this video. There are lots sicknesses, lots of ways to die, and lots of silly decisions you are bound to make. I just don’t want this to be one of them.
So please darling, take care of your skin like it works to take care of you.


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