# 2 Always Stop At Stop Signs

That’s right, always stop at stop signs literally and figuratively.

For Heaven’s sake child if you are driving in a car and there is a stop sign. PLEASE STOP. PLEASE LOOK before you continue. A stop sign doesn’t mean you can’t ever go again but it does mean “Quit moving, make sure the coast is clear, and then get on your way.” Thousands of accidents are caused every year by people not taking 30 seconds to stop at a stop sign. For many those accidents are life altering and I don’t want to see your life or someone else’s changed simply because you failed to stop and look around.

I hope you can realize that in life there are also other stop signs. When you reach a point in life where you think it might be time to stop and re-evaluate you are probably right. Sometimes in the world we live in it is easy to be Go-Go-Go. However, there is no better way to crash and burn then to fail to slow down and stop when necessary. Take time for yourself, know when you have reached your limits–with relationships, partying, jobs, and even hobbies. Remember that stopping doesn’t have to be simultaneous with quitting. Stopping simply means taking a break, a minute to catch your breath or clear your head–to evaluate and make sure the coast is clear.
Just always remember to stop at stop signs.

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