#1 Never Become a Fan of Justin Bieber

That’s right..never become a fan of Justin Bieber or any male vocalist similar to him for the following reasons:

1. His music is not good. If you want introduced to good music ask your dad, ask me, or ask several other people I can think of.
2. His hair is more popular than his music and when he cut it he actually lost popularity among some people. Don’t spend money on someone whose fame swivels around their hair.
3. He sings music that is played in clubs he isn’t old enough to get into.
4. He also sings about true love and some girl being his “Baby” but has yet to show the capability to experience it.
5. Just do me a favor and don’t like him.
I expect this to be the most highly ignored piece of advice I give you. Some day when you are playing the latest pop boy music out of your speakers I will have to just cringe and bear it or beg you to please put in your headphones. I will also have to hang my head in shame when you beg me to buy you tickets to the cutesy-boy’s concert and then am also forced to drive you there, chaperone the experience, and feel guilty if I enjoy even one song.

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